Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tales From ALA, Part 1: Much Flailing

Several factors went into my decision to start a new blog. Some of these factors had to do with ALA, the American Library Association conference that took place in Chicago last weekend.

You see, friends, I went to this conference. For one day, exhibition hall only.

Before ALA, I had been to one author signing, and that was Gordon Kormon. I was like nine.

Opportunities like this do not come near Iowa often. I was talking with some ALA-goers in line, and they vehemently agreed, saying “No one ever goes to Iowa on purpose.” Which was true.

And now, not only was I going to my first big bookish event, but I was going with a Twitter friend I’d never met in real life, @_ktsimpson, who lived four and a half hours away. I drove four and a half hours to KT’s dwelling. Since I hate, hate, hate driving and get lost absurdly easily, this was big.

When I met KT for lunch, there was some of the expected awkwardness that ensues when nerds gather together. But we overcame it fairly quickly, and proceeded to have one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. We watched anime! We tweeted each other while sitting in the same room! I dramatically read aloud from random blog posts about ALA survival tips and ways to overcome shyness!

And the next day, we drove another three hours to Chicago. We navigated the parking garage and entered the conference center.

We found our way to the Young Adult-y section of the booths…
…and walked around. With no idea what we were doing.

“How does one tell what is free?”
“What does one do?                                      
I am so confused, KT.

And then, magic happened. I spotted a stack of ARCS--Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. A smiling woman was handing them out.

I grabbed KT’s arm and dragged her to the table, fluttering my hands in reverence at the glorious stack of books. The smiling woman noticed me, and seemed to grasp from the way I was hyperventilating that I would very much like a book please thank you.

And so, I acquired my first ARC, of the book that I was most hoping to get, by one of my favorite authors.

“This is the last batch, too,” the smiling woman said.

I died, guys. I really died.

Fifteen minutes in, the trip I chose as my only birthday present this year was already worth it.
And there was much more awesome to come.

Looking forward to Dream Thieves? Been to ALA? What was your experience like?


  1. Yay, I can read the remaining 525 words of this post! XD Nope, not looking forward to Dream Thieves, nope, haven't been to ALA, nope, no experiences to impart. =P Wow for your first comment this is full of all these statements in the negative. I'm glad you got your books, though—positive statements, I can make them! XP Now your blog can be at the very least a neutral space, if not leaning positive because isn't that what it's all about? =P Good luck with this one. ^^

    P.S. DIE WORDPRESS DIE. …I am sorry. I may have momentarily become…impassioned.

    1. P.P.S. Rick Riordan came to Anchorage late last summer but Renée and I missed him by an hour and it was tragic. T_T

    2. AAAAAGH, that would suck. XD Sorry. *pats*

  2. so jealous! the rest of us will have to wait until September