Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not-so-silent pages

The last time I tried to blog, I started a writing blog, because--me being a writer--it seemed the logical thing to blog about.

I then realized that same thought goes through the head of almost every writer blogging for the first time.

Restricting my blog to writing talk was not quite as entertaining as expected.

I had less to say about writing than I thought I did.

Using a pun in my blog title was less genius than I thought at the time.

And really, just a combination of other factors that gathered together in back alleys to plot the demise of my blog.

The attempt started rather well, then staggered into failure.
And now, here we are.

It is probably a very, very bad idea to start another attempt on a whim, with little planning, and no particular focus (other than things that I like and hope you like, too). Then again, sometimes the best of things start as bad ideas.

Not to claim this blog will turn into the best of things, but hey. We might get a kick out of it, so let's just start this thing slow and see where it goes.

I'm a young adult fantasy and science fiction writer with multiple series in the works (“in the works” here meaning finished, but not polished and querying-ready yet).

Nineteen years old, Iowan, addicted to books and stories and characters (and manga and nerdy TV shows and the other many wonderments people have brought into the world).

You can easily find me on Twitter as @silent_pages, which is basically the same as this blog except divided into 140-character chunks and posted in real-time.

I've had that username for quite a while, and only recently revealed my in-real-life and slightly-less-cool alter ego, Allison Mulder.

The thing about that username is that I'm actually not very quiet. Not when I'm talking about the things I love. And I love all the awesome that can be encompassed in words on a page.

That's why I like the name/phrase Silent Pages. They can be so much more, and they can be loud.
So, earplugs are in the corner over there if you need 'em, otherwise feel free to join the fangirling, the rambling, and the maybe-I'm-sorry-CAPS-Lock-abusing that's bound to show up here.

Welcome. Glad to see ya'.

--Allison Mulder (Silent Pages)

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